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Respect | Freedom | Development

OUR WORLD MONTESSORI SCHOOL is based in Blackrock, Co Dublin and caters for children from the age of three up to five years of age. OUR WORLD MONTESSORI has been in operation since 1994. Our school has small class sizes where we endeavour to create a caring and loving learning environment. Over the years we have seen our children grow and develop beyond the school and in to grown-up life and they still return to share their stories. We know that OUR WORLD MONTESSORI methods work and it is our past pupils and their families who sing this the loudest.

The Montessori Method is at the heart of OUR WORLD, and through it we see that every child is treated with respect. They are given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment, which allows them to develop naturally at their own pace. This dynamic practice is always up-to-date because observation and meeting the child’s needs is continuous and specific for each and every child.

When a child’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs are met, our children glow with excitement and drive to play and work with enthusiasm, to learn, and to create. They exhibit a desire to teach, help, and care for others and for their environment, and it is in this we share, and are most proud.

Our Teaching Team

We love to teach and share in a child’s path of discovery

Marian Gartland

Marian Gartland

School Principal

 Marian set up the school in 1994, and continues to teach classes as well as oversee the day-to-day administration of the School. She is an art teacher as well as a Montessori teacher (and trainer) with a Fetac L6 Advanced Certificate in Childcare Supervision.
Amy Byrne

Amy Byrne

Montessori Teacher

 Amy is a fully-trained Montessori teacher with Fetac L6 Certificate in Advanced Childcare. She has been with the school since 2006 although we simply cannot remember a time when Amy wasn’t with us!


Thomas McCormack recently sang at our Graduation Party. Thomas is a past pupil (class of 2006) and he remembers his time here fondly.  ”I can still name all the planetary systems and the stages of the earth’s development. It was here I learned to sing and stand on my own two feet (in front of a crowded concert)”

- Thomas McCormack

What the parents and past pupils are saying?

Hi Marian. I had to drop you a line to say how grateful we all are that our girls had such a happy and loving experience at Our World, where they were looked after by people who really cared about them, treated them with kindness, respect and positivity and helped them enjoy to the full those most magical years before school starts. The girls were just talking about the amount of times they got hot buttered toast (or half of yourself or Amy’s lunch) when I forgot to pack theirs and their happy happy memories of Our World.. How lucky were we ??!! XXX us all.
Helen and all the O'Briens
What a wonderful environment for young children… The amount of work which all of you do makes the classroom BUZZ with energy… the 3 – 5 year old’s were just wonderful, so attentive and joyful….
Dolores Keaveney (author/artist)

Our World staff create a warm and homely atmosphere in their school which allowed our girls who didn’t have any English back then to quickly integrate in the class. Every single day, we dropped them in, knowing that they would have a great time – and the girls absolutely loved it!

Marianne & Martin Albrecht

A very special Testimonial Poem

Our World 

This is the story

         Of  your Montessori:


In the beginning you were nervous, clingy and shy, There was even an odd day that you might cry,

Of course at that stage, you were only three, How could any of us know how good it would be?

Toast in the morning, if you were feeling blue,  Giving you energy to do all you had to;

Always a smile when you arrived at the door.  As your little feet danced across the floor.

A home away from home, three and a half hours a day, Where you could hang out with your friends and play,

Listen and learn, and enrich your life, Safe and secure, without any strife.

Now you are five, it’s incredible how you’ve grown, And all of the wonderful things you’ve been shown –

You know more than your Grandad does about Bees; You can even sing in Japanese!

You know the days of the week; the planets in the sky; the continents of the world,

better than I.

And its all been through song, and painting and fun – You even got to do Yoga, Playball and run!

You loved “The Hungary Caterpillar”, The Festival of Lights, Met a policeman and his motorbike!

You learned to speak some Spanish and in the spirit of it all often sported your flamenco shoes –

What a ball!

So this is a thank you to Our World and all who work there who make every day special and take such care,

Minding our precious angels each day.  Preparing them all to go on their way

To the world outside that swinging yellow door, Big school, uniforms and so much more…

For opening young minds to the joys that life holds, Helping them to be brave, happy and bold.

An amazing start in their education For which we give heartfelt appreciation.



with love from Johnny, Sarah and our little fairy and spider monkey!

Why Us

We are a small Montessori school, who are invested in the learning and development of your child. We are not simply a childcare facility or a creche. We have a 20 year history and a proven track record in providing Montessori schooling.  All of our teachers are certified Montessori teachers, with Fetac Level 6 Advanced Certificates in Chidcare Supervision with full Garda clearance.  The School is HSE-approved (and annually inspected). We are open from 8.15 in the morning, until 12.45  (4.5 hours)  and there are places available on the ECCE Scheme. Do get in touch – as places are limited!


Our World Montessori is


to the development of your child

  • 8.15 – 12.45 – 5-Days-a-week
  • Fully Qualified Montessori teachers
  • Proven Montessori methods
  • includes SPORTS and ART classes

Our World Montessori is


to providing a safe environment for your child

  • Safe Outdoor Spaces (green area + playground)
  • Safe play areas
  • Friendy accessible teachers
  • Safe access and parking


Find the Answers

Got some questions about our school? Maybe the answers are here…. If not, phone or email, we are always glad to help with any questions you may have.

Our class sizes are small. We like to create a friendly caring environment for the children to learn in.
Yes, our classes are mixed. Mixed boys and girls, and mixed age groups. This is in keeping with the Montessori Philosophy, whereby children between the ages of three and six are always at different stages in their development, and younger children can learn by watching older children. This process is known as scaffolding and is a method of social learning, whereby children are learners and teachers.
Yes, art is very much part of the Montessori curriculum. Montessori art focuses on process not product. Children do not simply recreate, but learn how to use the materials to make their own creations.
Yes, music is very important to the Montessori method of learning. It helps them build self-confidence, curiosity, self-expression, listening skills and self-control.  An assortment of musical activities is used to promote language development, symbolic thinking, coordination, and social interactions, as well as cultivating the child’s rich imagination.
Yes, our school is located in the secure grounds of St. Philip + St. James Church where we have lots of green space and a large playground area. We have lots of playground activities including “Playball sessions“.  These are regular playground activities that teach the children ball and motor skills through structured sport participation.
No, we don’t have an after school club. We are a school of learning and development and our curriculum is from 8.15 – 12.45 (4.5 hours per day).
Yes, we have weekly classes with “Playball” where the children do games and ball activities. In these classes the children progress from an informal introduction to ball and motor skills, to more structured sports participation.
Yes, we have lots of children from different parts of the world. We actively encourage multiculturalism, and the children get to participate and present their own culture (Irish included) on our annual Multicultural day (see our Facebook page for photos).
Yes, we have a Christmas Nativity Concert and of course the Annual Graduation Event is a very special show – the children who are progressing to “Big School” get to share all they have learned with their parents.

We also have special event days including Connor Lambert’s famous PUPPET SHOWS; not to mention, the now legendary,Parents Night Out (it’s not just fun for children).

Got another question, tell us and we’ll include it here – just ring or email….

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